About Devon Martial Arts

Devon Martial Arts was founded in 2004 when Mr Brett Dowling IV launched the first P.U.M.A. Junior Kickboxing school, located in Exeter and supported by the late great Master Johnny Black VIII Degree. He brought Taekwon-Do to the South West in 1976, to whom Brett was honoured as his assistant within Exeter Taekwon-Do before taking on the school full time from his Master.

Within our schools we have seen many excel in their chosen disciplines, becoming respected black belts, role models, instructors, regional, national and world level competitors.

The school is also home to Mr Danny Dowling III, instructor, multiple title holder and ex GB Olympic squad member.

Devon Martial Arts has something for everyone of all abilities and ages, whether its Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing or Little Puma’s (4-6 year olds), and additionally tuition in weapons, Bo/Long Staff and Legend Bruce Lee’s favourite, Nunchaku.

Martial arts has been proven to develop confidence, motor function as well as having a positive effect on practitioners moral code and conduct.

Classes are instructed by brothers Brett Dowling IV Degree in Taekwon-Do, 4th Degree in Kickboxing and Danny Dowling III Dregree in Taekwon-Do, 2nd Degree in Kickboxing. Both Brett and Danny had the honour of to train with the Founder of Taekwon-Do, Major General Choi Hong Hi IX Degree in 2000. Over the years they have also taken opportunities to learn from Kickboxing Pioneer and undefeated middleweight champion, Mr Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace, amongst many other experts and masters within the Martial Art world.


We look forward to welcoming you to our Martial Arts family and helping you to achieve your goals from the beginning of your Martial Art journey.