LITTLE PUMA’S (4-6 Years)

Little Puma’s is a bite sized Martial Arts class designed to challenge and motivate 4-7 year olds to develop and encourage life skills. There are five key areas we concentrate on:

·         Self esteem

·         Discipline

·         Channelling aggression

·         Confidence

·         Self-defence and stranger awareness

There are 8 Little PUMA grading’s. These grading’s are based on set themes. The themes revolve around encouraging the children’s self-awareness, self-protection, self-development and confidence as well as working together as a team, giving encouragement and respect for each other.

The grading themes are not set in any particular order but include the following:

·         Balance

·         Focus/concentration

·         Stranger danger/emergency skills

·         Co-ordination

·         Teamwork/leadership

·         Fitness

·         Discipline

·         Memory


It takes approximately 3 months between each grading little PUMA punchingand as each one is successful the Little Puma will progress through a colour sequence of belts – up to black belt, before moving up to the Junior Taekwon-Do or Kickboxing class. On each successful grading your child will receive a new belt, a theme badge to be sewn on to their training suit and certificate of achievement.